Is it possible to exchange an article?

Yes, it is possible to exchange or return your article at any time. Wieleroutfits offers 14 days concerning the right of return on all of her articles. For more informatie, see our terms and conditions. When purchasing one of our articles, it is possible to dissolve the contract without any reason within 14 days. The Reflection Period of 14 days starts on the day you receive the article. During these 14 days, it is important to handle the new products and articles or package with care if you expect to use the right of return. The right of return is 14 days in which you can decide whether to keep the article, to exchange it or return it.

Download your return form.

What exactly is the return-procedure?

To make the service optimal, Wieleroutfits made the return-procedue as simple as possible. Articles can be returned to Wieleroutfits,

Dorpsstraat 3
1191BG Ouderkerk aan de Amstel 
The Netherlands 

with a reference to the ordernumber and specification of desired (return-)size. If you use the right of return, you need to return the article in the original packaging with all accessoires to Wieleroutfits. You can send us a mail to give instructions about this particular right of return to fasten the procedure.



If there are any further questions about exchange or return of articles you can contact our customer-service. Our customer-service is opened from Monday until Friday from 10:00 until 17:00 and can be reached via mail@wieleroutfits.nl or  via 0031 20 - 8208267.



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